Options Are Key

There are times when the list of contractors you typically work with are unavailable. Or the project requires a specialty service. If we are not yet partnered with a service provider that can assist, our team will actively seek out a contractor on your behalf. With customer calls, CAPEX, budgets, and regular maintenance requests, working with VendorHub removes finding a new vendor off of your list.


We Vet Them For You

Unlike similar businesses that assist with managing vendors, we do far more than verify insurance certificates and contractor licenses. We gather references from previous customers and subcontractors to provide you with a 360° view of the character of the company you seek to work with.

Our network of vendors have been through the process, however, any new service providers can be vetted within five to seven business days. Once all the data is received, we forward a complete package to you for review.


You’ve contracted with one of our vetted vendors. However, you are aware that this project will require additional staging or coordination.

With all the regular tasks of the day, budgets, move ins/outs, lease renewals, and much more it is safe to say you could use an assistant just for contracting. Guess what? We are here for that. VendorHub support staff steps in to act as a liaison between you and the contractor making sure the communication is fluid. Here, having a “middle woman or man” may be the best thing yet.

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